Friday, December 10, 2010

OK, I can't help myself regarding Wikileaks...

My blood pressure is sky high each time I hear, read and/or see something regarding the Wikileaks so called "leaks", I'm f**kin' fed up with all this nonsense... I have yet to hear, read and/or see SENSITIVE INFORMATION released by Wikileaks, really now, can someone tell or point me to the right direction?! I only see the scandals on mainstream media regarding the so called "hacks" on Amazon, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal and regarding the illegal detention of J.A. with which I don't agree however law is law and is for everyone(well at least us..., the small people...).

Now regarding the "hackers" which "attacked" the Amazon(huge fail — LOL!! what the hell?! it's like trying to flood Google servers -- which are millions...), Visa(they don't really give a damn), Mastercard(they laughed their ass off on this...) and PayPal(I'm happy about this attack, they really have big fees!!) websites, c'mon people, that's NOT hacking... and I really hate the freakin' media which is trying to amplify this like it's a major attack on government server... blahhh... major attacks have happen in the past and we didn't hear about and still are happening and still will long after we're gone.

Wanna protect your server for this kind of "hacks"?! simply add another system(near the server) to which the server sends the logs via UDP or whatever... and then if the server is down because of this kind of attack(s), just follow the looong list of IP's which where making requests to the server and resulted in server crash, hello?! someone will have to pay huge amounts of money to da' court.

Bottom line, anyone can and SHOULD think if this is subject is really interesting, I mean, come on people, a lot of shit is happening in the world and no one is lifting a finger to do something, now all of the sudden someone(J.A.) came with some "leaks" which doesn't seem sensitive to me(again, I might be wrong, however please point to the "real" stuff) and we and the media are making a big case out of nothing, it seems to me like something else is happening behind the curtain, but it might be that I'm paranoid...
Take Vatican for instance, they got so much money that they could literally save tens(if NOT more) of millions of people around the whole freakin' World from starvation and diseases, but do they do it?! NO!! does the media care?! NO!! do WE care?! HUGE NO!! but still they say they are the voice of God and other BS'es...



  1. You're incoherent. Stick to writing about Delphi.

  2. you're probably right, but still, we only see the tip of the iceberg...


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