Saturday, May 29, 2010

ShellExecute, WinExec failing in Delphi 2010/2009?

Here's a interesting store from which we can learn something, few days ago I've started upgrading projects from Delphi 7 to 2010, the transition was smooth enough, the Delphi team did a pretty good job in making this possible without too much complications, everything is fine until I was getting some errors from applications that where calling external application using ShellExecute/WinExec, I was getting errors from IDE but not if the application is ran without IDE, that's interesting, right?
How to fix it: press F6 from IDE, type "debug spawned" hit Enter(Return) key and un-check "Debug spawned processes", press OK and your done.
Easy huh? but still very problematic if your application depends on other being started and if the third party application is not started, then your application is responsible in starting it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Google: Friend or Enemy?

I presume you already know that Google was discovered to collect private information from unsecured WiFi networks using their street view cars, some information on this subject can be found here:
Now most of us know that all big companies tries to do the same, meaning get as much personal/private information from people as possible -- remember that information = power = influence -- facebook for instance does something similar by asking you for shiet-load of information besides that they also know who do you know and so on...
I've talked to a few people on this Google subject and there are multiple opinions on this subject, here are two of the best answers I got so far:
- Google is clearly stealing information, how can you „by mistake¯ take personal information over 600 Gig's, and I suspect that's not even half of the truth;
- What the hell can they do with that private information? Google is making enough money already, do they wanna steal your credit card? no. do they wanna steal your girlfriend? no.
I'm interested in all of your opinions regarding this subject no matter how unreal they are.
I would really appreciate comments from WiFi specialists on how is it possible to get „by mistake¯ that amount of information without NOTICING, I mean sure you can get like 100 Meg's without noticing but come on...

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