Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delphi Addons

After installing few custom components you should notice that the time for Delphi IDE to start increases significately, not to mention if you install JEDI Components which in my opinion is a waste of space on PC..., anywayz someone named Andreas Hausladen developed a tool named DelphiSpeedUp which is a VERY FAST IDE loader, you can download DelphiSpeedUp from this link.
Another tool that I like alot is GExperts, this tool has alot of options(configure IDE menu shortcuts, faster source browsing, etc.), you can download latest builds from this link.
If you ever wish to create your own Delphi Expert, you can start with Zarko Gajic's tutorial fallowing this link.
Brilliant Code for DelphiTM is a nice tools also it can be downloaded from this link.

Other experts can be found on Torry's site @ this link.

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