Sunday, September 20, 2009

TIP: How to find a class definition

Did you ever find new classes(that you never knew) when you define a variable?
 yourVariable: (* here's where you press Ctrl+Space *);

Let's say you wish to declare yourVariable as TStream, but you also see TStreamAdapter in Code Completion hit enter, to see it's definition just hold Ctrl key down and click on the variable type in our case TStreamAdapter or TStream, IDE will take you to the unit and line where the class is defined.

If you press F1(the Help key in most applications) anywhere in Delphi IDE it will give you help information, for example if you click a class type in the code editor let's say TStream, the help file will provide information on TStream class, if you click the Object Inspector and hit F1 you will get information about it and so on.

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