Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Super duper Python IDE

Now this is an interesting post, why is so super? um... oh wait! it's created with... you guessed it! Delphi.
And the name of the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) i'm talking about is PyScripter, it can be downloaded by accessing this link from code.google.com(on the right side you can see a section called Featured downloads.
But this is just the IDE, you also need to download Python from this link.
Here is a list of PyScripter feauters just a copy-paste(nothing fancy or commented) from http://code.google.com/p/pyscripter/wiki/Features
Syntax Highlighting Editor
  Unicode based
  Full support for encoded Python source files
  Brace Highlighting
  Python source code utilities ((un)tabify, (un)comment, (un)indent, etc.)
  Code completion and call tips
  Code and debugger hints
  Syntax checking as you type
  Context sensitive help on Python keywords
  Parameterized Code Templates
  Accept files dropped from Explorer
  File change notification
  Converting line breaks (Windows, Unix, Mac)
  Print preview and print syntax highlighted Python code
  Syntax highlighting of HTML, XML and CSS files
  Split view file editing
Integrated Python Interpreter
  Code Completion
  Call Tips
  Command History
  Execute scripts without saving them
Integrated Python Debugging
  Remote Python Debugger
  Call Stack
  Variables Window
  Watches Window
  Conditional breakpoints
  Debugger hints
  Post-mortem analysis
  Can run or debug files without first saving them
Editor Views
  HTML Documentation (pydoc)
File Explorer
  Easy configuration and browsing of the Python Path
  Integrated Version Control using Tortoise CVS or Tortoise SVN
Integrated Unit testing
  Automatic generation of tests
  Unit testing GUI
External Tools (External run and capture output)
  Integration with Python tools such as PyLint, TabNanny, Profile etc.
  Powerful parameter functionality for customized external tool integration
Other Features
  Code Explorer
  Access to Python manuals through the Help menu
  To Do List
  Find and Replace in Files
  Integrated regular expression testing
  Choice of Python version to run via command line parameters
  Run Python Script externally (highly configurable)
  Find Definition/Find references
  Find definition by clicking and browsing history
  Modern GUI with docked forms and configurable look&feel (themes)
  Persistent configurable IDE options
I bulive this is the best Python IDE you can find with or without paying for it, and if you got to this blog I belive that you know a thing or two about programming in Delphi, so if at any time you belive that you can modify something in PyScripter's source code to make it more productive then you know from where to get it.
Here are some PyScripter screen shots
Main PyScripter window

Dissassembly View

Function List

If you need more information go to PyScripter at code.google.com or just click here.

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