Thursday, November 19, 2009

Delphi and C fusion

Yesterday I found out about an interesting programming language called Go.
From their website examples you can clearly see that Go is trying to shout at Delphi and C/C++ programmers, example
func main() {
  fmt.Printf("Hello, 世界\n")
from the above example, a Delphi programmer would say that it should be a procedure not a function(func) because it does not have a result type... a C programmer can see that void is replaced by func.

What I really hate in all programming languages is that programmers are trying to "compress" names(of function, constants, variables, etc.) so it would be less typing involved in the future, take for example strcpy, WHY the hell didn't they just name it strcopy or even StringCopy?! or strlen and so on...

Another thing I hate in C/C++/Java(and others inspired by them) is the assignment, because it's the equal sign "=" why not "==" and "=" to check equality ex. if (a=b){}, but nooo they had to use "==" which according to your math logic it means nothing, when you write IDENTIFIER = VALUE it doesn't have any logic, because you assign a value to the IDENTIFIER variable, rite?
Anywayz Go has something special which attracts me but only because it's new, I don't really think any other programming language can attract me more than Delphi, Delphi has all I really need(and if not, then hes step brother comes into play and takes over a.K.a Freepascal):
- Language is very readable
- Very powerful
- True RAD(Rapid Application Development), I really bulive that RAD comes from Delphi, can't think of any other programming language which is more RAD than Delphi...
- The most powerful IDE in the business, not to mention Delphi 7 released in 2002 which has so many freaking feauters that no other IDE at that time had...
- the list is so long but I'm tired after a long day at work so I let you think of the rest.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those guys(my programming languages is better/faster/bla bla than yours), I've tried C++, C, Java, Python, Ruby and Visual Basic(I really really really hate this programming language, it has something that makes me wanna scream!) but I couldn't find other programming language that worth my time, from all mentioned above I could work in C for some time but I would give up after 2k lines of code and about 700 curly brackets(those makes you dizzzzzy).
Ok back to Go :), from what I can see Go is here and will Go pretty sooon(in my opinion), why? take this example from their website
func unhex(c byte) byte {
    switch {
    case '0' <= c && c <= '9':
        return c - '0'
    case 'a' <= c && c <= 'f':
        return c - 'a' + 10
    case 'A' <= c && c <= 'F':
        return c - 'A' + 10
    return 0
can you see the similarity with C and Delphi? if no it's ok... take this
func unhex(c byte) byte
|    |     | |     |
|    |     | |     +-- result type as in Delphi "function unhex(c: byte): byte"
|    |     | +-- variable type similar to Delphi's "x: byte"
|    |     +-- parameter defined as in Delphi "ParamName: Type" without ":"
|    +-- function name...
+-- func -> function
from what you can see is more like: hey Mickey! take 30% Delphi, 40% C, 5% dirt and mix them up to get a 75% "programming language", but this is just me, as the authors says "Go compilers produce fast code fast. Typical builds take a fraction of a second yet the resulting programs run nearly as quickly as comparable C or C++ code."
Nearly?! wth? who cares if it's fast as C/C++, is it productive? um wait, you have to write code in Notepad :P nice... dudes! where's it's IDE?!
Will Go be more than just a joke, will it take the crown as the most used programming language? Does Go have what it takes to worth talking about, well it should... I wrote a post on it, please do visit their website, download it test it and let me know what's your opinion!

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