Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Beta2

Today I wanted to create a simple tabbed web browser in C# using Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 and guess what? I remembered why I didn't invest time in learning the IDE's functionality or C#, the IDE sucks big freaking time.
Few minutes ago my PC rebooted when I've closed Visual Studio, this have never happend, my PC is very stable and does not reboot just like that...
I know that it's a beta and all that, but come on! while I was using form designer at one point when I was switching between code and designer I coulden't design the form anymore because of unknown VS problem.
At this time I am very happy that I've learned Delphi, even though the IDE has some problems, at least I can design my form, damn!
Anyways this post is a message for Delphi developers, DO NOT QUIT DELPHI it has way more to offer than VS, hopefully Embarcadero will lower the price on Delphi so that small companies can afford to buy 5-10 licenses or Delphi will go down the drain...
Delphi is truly R.A.D. while Visual Studio is truly a pain in da azz.

Here are two classes, one in C# and the other in Delphi
class VisualStudio
 public VisualStudio()
  MessageBox.Show("Dude leave me alone, I am too crappy!");

 Delphi = class
  constructor Create;


constructor Delphi.Create;
 ShowMessage('I am not dying VS, it''s just the end of your beginning');

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  1. Delphi sucks man, I use Netbeans and VS, Vs has never fail to me, NEVER, even using a presario with 700 ram

  2. Please define "fail" in your phrase, I DO NOT recall using a IDE that did NOT crash, freeze for a very long time, etc.
    Surely you cannot compare a Delphi IDE with VS IDE, the difference is so freaking big, but I guess it all comes down to which is your first love, right?

  3. VS is a huge crap, especially VS 2010 Delphi is what VS should be.

  4. I am developing a bussiness application in delphi with MS SQL Server as database provider. Looking at TIOBE indices from time to time i began to be frustrated about delphi position in the classment (10-12 position). On the programming forums are many rumors that delphi is dying. For this reasons last week i've decided to learn C# because is very popular and future proof. I downloaded VS2010 express and I started to play with the IDE. In 3 days I was very disapointed because of the IDE slowness. The compiler is slow with WinForms, compared to Delphi compiler. The IDE was freezing from time to time, while passing through different commands.
    Now I am very happy that i've learned Delphi. Delphi is easy to learn, has a very fast compiler compared to VS and is trully RAD. VS IDE is just like a beautiful old lady. You admire it....and thats all you can get.
    This is my expirience about VS 2010 IDE.
    Like the author of this blog I advise you: DO NOT QUIT DELPHI.

  5. @Dan I'm glad you shared your VS experience, „Delphi is dying¯ since 2003 or so and is still here, rumors are rumors don't take them too seriously(this is also a good publicity — my opinion).
    I can create a pretty complex database application in 12 hours using Delphi which means productivity, the application can be sold anywhere from $ 20 to how much the client is willing to spend per license, can you do the same thing with Visual Studio?!
    Let's hope Embarcadero will invest more effort in bringing the light on Delphi once and for all.

  6. @Dorin - Delphi is dying is old as Delphi exists. I am still doing some developments still in VS2008. One thing is right, I encountered this some time. The moment VS 2008 becomes no longer responsitive than it can happen that VS does no longer remember components in the palatte... Things like these can happen. In general it works ... I personally have a clean machine with just native and another one for managed stuff. You need a fast machine to develop in VS. Quad Core I7 then it rocks too.

    I personally find the idea still smart to combine Delphi native with the plain Windows OS. This comes very close to what one could call easy to administer UNIX with a lot more attrctive GUI. This was the best combination ever.

  7. I've been a Delphi since V1 and C# since .NET came about. I need to develop a new app for my business guess what? It will be in Delphi where my code is native, speed is lightning, deployment is a breeze and stability is not even in question.

    Ask yourself?! Why aren't Photoshop / Games / Real proper apps made in .CRAP?

  8. Bashing a BETA product is sooo easy, eh? But I remember the hell with Delphi 2005, 2006, etc. IDEs. I remember i had to upgrade (read "spend even more money") a Delphi version just because they shipped the generics bugged like hell. I aslo remember... oh, the fails of Borland/Inprise/CodeGear/Embarwathever teams are countless :)

    And right now, .NET/C# is like a decade ahead of Delphi in language features.

  9. @Anonymous #8
    you're right on the spot, but now, C# developers must love the new HTML5 and javascript approach for W8 (:

  10. Delphi IDE doesn't come close to VS2010. It hurt when I switched from Delphi to VS, and now Delphi IDE hurts when I use it. I think in terms of power, VS2010 beats Delphi IDE big time. But VS has many more devs working on it, so you can't blame Embarcadero.

  11. I used both Delphi and VS in several versions and I can tell you: Delphi (the IDE) sucks! I've never seen such a crappy IDE that can't even do the most basic stuff right, like code completion, inline documentation or jump-to-definition. And don't get me started about all the features programmers really need like proper refactorings, auto-import of modules etc.

    Delphi := Huge Pile Of Crap;

  12. Visual Studio's tools are much more advanced than Delphi's but seriously, Visual Studio for database programming sucks compared to Delphi.

  13. Visual Studio Express is for free - because there many performance issues - not database support like Delphi , both tools have waek points but under the buttom line I prefer Delphi


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