Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to save a report as PDF to a stream with FastReport

Recently I needed to save a report to a stream as PDF, I'm using FastReport for my reports.
I've searched a lot for a way to do this, but unfortunately I only found comments like „you can't export a report to a stream in PDF format with FastReport¯ and similar comments... so I started browsing the source code of the PDF exporter and 2 minutes later I saw that the exporter checks if property „Stream¯ is assigned, otherwise it will create a TFileStream instance using the report's „FileName¯ property — therefore assigning a TStream descendant to PDFExporter.Stream will make the exporter write the PDF data to THAT stream in stead of the file, without further chit-chat, let's see some code:
I took „PrintStringList¯ example from the Demo folder and modified it to show you how it's done, I've added a new button on the form and a save dialog, in the OnClick event of the button I've added the following code:
procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  // we use a file stream for example, but you can replace this
  // with a memory stream or any type of stream which is a
  // descendant of abstract class TStream
  LFileStream: TFileStream;
  // allow the user to choose a file name
  if SaveDialog1.Execute then begin
    // create the file stream object
    LFileStream := TFileStream.Create(SaveDialog1.FileName, fmCreate or fmShareDenyNone);
      // set the range properties
      StringDS.RangeEnd := reCount;
      StringDS.RangeEndCount := sl.Count;
      // assign the stream for the TfrxPDFExport component
      frxPDFExport1.Stream := LFileStream;
      // prepare the report
      // export calls the PDFExport component in this case
      // free the file stream object
      // NIL reference to the stream
      frxPDFExport1.Stream := NIL;
    end; // tryf
  end; // if SaveDialog1.Execute then begin
NOTE: you need FastReport installed!!
You can download the entire project source code by clicking on this text.

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