Friday, October 22, 2010

Sooo you got your first milion, now what?!

Let's just say that you just won € 1.7 mil. in lottery(tax free). What would you do with that much money in the current economy state?!
There are lots of things you can do with it, but the million euro question is: What's the best thing you can do with it, for you and MAYBE for others as well.
Let's just list a few possibilities:
- quit the job and waste the money;
- give the money to homeless people and help them start a fresh new life;
- give it to charity;
- start your own company(what kind of company, most of you that read this blog are developers, would you start a software company or do you think you can squeeze more money in other fields?!);
- buy the company in which you currently work(I'm sure it applies to many of you out there);
- buy a bigger house, bigger car, lots of bling-blings and biaches(I'm sure some of you want that -smile-);
- hold on to the money since there's no certain future coming;
- keep the money until pension, waste it then;
The above list is just off the top of my head — I disagree with at least half of the list — BUT I'm curious what other people would do with that much money.

No matter what you would do, consider this: money come and go, you're current job(if applies) is most likely pretty steady, you should take a deep breath before starting to think about how would you spend it and on what.
P.S. Don't forget, you also lose money(inflation which is a pretty big percent, let's say about 2%/year in Germany's or USA's case) by keeping it „safe¯ with each year.


  1. Adamis Pharmaceuticals (ADMP.ob) <---- this is one shortcut way to get to that first million quickly ;-)

    Great Blog... just discovered it tonight and having fun roaming through the months... the above is my thank you.



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