Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Delphi 2010 or XE?!

OK, so we had a Delphi 2010 release and a couple of months later a Delphi XE(cool name huh?) release, your confused, what's the logic behind that? no cross platform, no 64 bit compiler nothing new actually besides the XE suffix, some IDE fixes and some light versions of third party tools.
All this still doesn't make sense... let's try a different approach: we know that the end goal of a company is to maximize their profits right?! if they have released Delphi 2010 without the IDE glitches it would have taken them a few months more to release Delphi 2010, that means that they would have "lost" money, what they(management) choose to do is release a Delphi 2010(I really hate this kind of names with suffix "year of release" sounds really nasty!!) and after the IDE fixes a new version would be released(in this case XE) — sweet, the only problem is that people who have already purchased 2010 version have spent some money on a product which is NOT, I REPEAT NOT really good for big projects which involves thousands and thousands of lines of code — takes way too many freaking minutes or tens of minutes to build in order to test.
Does now make sense?! of course it does, but if your a customer, you're not "so" happy about this approach, Visual Studio has better releases as I've seen the last couple of years — this really bugs me!!
When I've tested XE(for a couple of minutes), I've seen faster IDE, less glitches, overall XE is a bit better than 2010, the only issue is that you have to spend more freaking money, what was my response to this?! invested $ 1.000 in a i7, memory and a good mother board — why?! well.. instead of giving them a couple of hundred Euros for something they should have giving in the 2010 release, I've upgraded my system which is a 2 years investment at least and give them s**t. Delphi 2010 runs smoothly now, I got a faster system, Intel, ASUS and Kingston got some money from me, problem solved!
Now I know what some of you might say: if you're a developer who makes money out of this, why NOT buy the latest releases since it's just a few hundred Euros/Dollars?! well the response is simple, while a company tries to maximize their profits, you as a developer(in this case customer) need to minimize your expenses — learn from your clients!!


  1. Most single developers, myself included, are reluctant to spend that kind of money on a tool. When I ran my company I had no problems ordering Delphi, because tools req. for a bussiness are more or less tax-deductable. But as a single developer working on projects I would not spend that kind of money on Delphi unless i absolutely had to. I would probably do just like you and upgrade my hardware rather than my software base. In fact, im planning a hardware upgrade soon. I'm sticking with dell because of their excellent support plan and stability (I've had a dell machine running here almost 24/4 for 5 years with hardly a reboot). I bet I can find Delphi XE on ebay for half the price in 2 months with a license transfere.

  2. I'm glad you're sharing the same opinion Jon.
    My opinion is that if you invest some money in a product, no matter the type, buy the best you can afford — don't think you'll save money by buying a product which is cheaper(i.e. $ 50-200 cheaper) in the end it's just not worthing. I had very bad experiences with Gigabyte, AMD and ATI products 5-6 years ago...

  3. Hi Dorin,

    does this mean that there won't be an updated version of "Delphi Distiller" that supports Delphi XE?

    Would be a shame, as your tool is excellent.


  4. Hello, Delphi Distiller IS NOT, I repeat NOT my tool, someone else created it and I JUST POSTED A LINK TO IT.
    Even tho you can use Delphi without a legal license(let's say to give Delphi a test in full version) I STRONGLY recommend buying a license for the version you are using -- if we don't buy license for Delphi, in time, they will eventually kill or sell Delphi to a different company, PLEASE DO BUY DELPHI LICENSES.

  5. Hi Dorin,

    thanks for clarifying my question concerning "Delphi Distiller". I am using paid licenses, but a tool like Delphi Distiller helps keeping the activation count in check as I have to reinstall systems often.

    Concerning updates to "Delphi Distiller": I found this post
    which indicates that there will be no new versions.


  6. Well... honestly it's about time, I do NOT agree with using cracked software or illegal serials...

  7. delphi is a great tool. it's just in wrong hands. the terrible marketing strategy is killing it.

    delphi Xe is more like a major update for 2010. it should be free or at low price. customers will end up buying more 2010 because they can see it's constantly supported.

  8. I agree with you, but see it's all about making money -- there are few people programming because they love too, most do it for the big bucks... you can see it in almost all projects bad code, bad management, etc. it makes me sick.
    The only reason I've started programming is because I love to find solutions for problems and to speed up processes which would take too much time to be done on paper or using a calculator or by other means.


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