Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Facebook Timeline Cleaner

Yesterday was assigned to make a tool(dirty and fast) to delete posts on facebook, it wasn't important how it accomplished it, but how much one has to interact with it before it's job is finished.
I have permission to share this code with you, without any warranty or restrictions.
NOTE: your posts don't actually get deleted, they use it for ad-analysis and probably other stuff.

What you need:
- Chrome browser
- facebook account
- a ton of stuff you want to delete fast

Step by step instructions:
  1. log into your facebook account
  2. click on your name on the top right corner of your page
  3. scroll down to a "year" that you want to wipe
  4. look at the top of the page(just bellow the "web address field in Chrome") for a few buttons, select "activity log"
  5. in activity log select "your posts" or whatever you want to delete
  6. click F12, this should bring the "javascript console" at the bottom of your Chrome browser
  7. copy-past the following code into the console and hit Enter key:
  8. now copy-past "grab_stories()" without quotes in the console, hit Enter and enjoy
NOTE: there are still some hick-ups, but for about 90%-ish of the time, you don't have to do anything, you can use the browser to do other things in other tabs BUT the tab in which the above javascript runs.
There's no way of selecting a period in the code, it won't detect that it has "nothing else to do", however, it will click on "More Activity" to grab more "ministories".


  1. Hello!
    The script is just telling a few times that "story count=0" but doesn't do anything. What might be the problem?

  2. @Anonymous you have to:
    - login
    - click on your name at the top right corner
    - scroll down to a year you want to clean
    - at the top you should see "Your Name|Timeline|Year|Highlights"
    - click on "Highlights" and select "Activity Log..."
    - now follow the instructions to copy-paste and start script


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